The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003): Colon: Scary Movie For October

Rip and tear with the Doom-inspired remake of the Doom-inspiring original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That stuff about Doom? I made it up. Seems legit, though, right? There’s definitely some corrections and things I want to make so I’ll make there here. Also, some weird stuff going on so there may be a couple of sound issues. Not sure what that’s about just yet but I’ll be working those out as I go.

  1. Something good The feeling of absolute isolation and a fucked up backwater ass Texas town does work. That type of thing scares the shit out of me. I went to Alaska and that was singularly one of the most remote locations I’ve ever been to and driving out to see a glacier was terrifying. It was like this movie in some ways but with the addition of the terrain actively being antagonistic and posted signs warning of such antagonism.
  2. The editor on the movie was Glen Scantlebury. He was the editor on Dracula (’92), Con Air (this movie makes me laugh every time it’s mentioned), and Transformers among other things. Think about that. I didn’t even find his name and I was like “this is some Transformers-ass shit”. He’s done a bunch of other stuff, too.
  3. The screenwriter was Scott Kosar. I just couldn’t come up with his name. This was his first movie iirc and I’m not trying to shit-talk him I just didn’t love the majority of the screenplay and can imagine that there was a lot of “influence” from a certain someone. He was a writer on The Haunting of Hill House which I really liked and really lives in the “horror” space having written on Bates Motel and The Machinist and Amityville Horror (’05) among others.
  4. There are some gnarly practical effects in this movie and I would have loved to have seen some special features on them but I have the Blockbuster rental-version of the movie so it’s just the movie disc–no special features at all.
  5. I’m sure there’s something else I forgot to talk about.

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