Garden State

It’s a spoOoOOooooOKy Zach Braff-written-and-directed post-coming-of-age pre-having-a-real-life intestitial-liminal-human-space examination. Not going to lie–I didn’t prepare at all for this. It was extemporaneous. Spontaneous. Uranus. Check out the podcast though. It was supposed to be a horror movie but, clearly, that didn’t happen. That won’t stop me from assuming you just have my super badass podcast on auto queue and you forgo looking at the episode title to ensure that you get maximum surprise. Maximum Derek. There is no Derek in this episode. No Dereks were harmed in the making of this episode.

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Please forgive me I forgot how to make a podcast. I’m not listing this as Season 3 it’s really too boosted IMO.