SCUMMbags Media

Current Podcasts

There are several podcasts going on on this website at the same time however they’re in various states of activity.

Mark’s Movie Collection

The most populated podcast on the site currently. Just talking about and getting feelings on… you guessed it! Mark’s movie collection. Just movies. Movie things. Lots of tangents. Essentially tangentially related essays as show-notes. Sometimes overly ambitious. Sometimes casual as hell.
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 Less Current Podcasts

These have a few eps but are mostly dormant at this time.

Mark’s Music Collection

Similar vibe but I talk about records, CDs, and albums that I have. I know less about the ins-and-outs of music than I do about movies so expect shorter and dumber episodes. It’s on Apple Podcasts as well but I don’t know that it matters too much.
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Dormant Podcasts

These are dormant or just never took off. It happens. We try things and we don’t always end up successful. These are subject to return on.. checks notes whenever we have time.

Crafting the Groove

Hey getting together with friends and drinking some beer while talking about music does sound like a good time. However I actually don’t know enough about music to make this fun or engaging and I found out that I actually dislike 99.9% of podcasts that involve drinking beer. Schedules are also wild and life comes at you fast but there are some good episodes here. This was actually the beginning of it all, if memory serves.
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Random Anime Tapes

It was going to be a show about anime. I received a bunch of VHS tapes from a friend and was going to go through them but, honestly, I don’t have the energy and I don’t really want to clown on these shows that I’m coming into without context.

Mark’s Game Collection

It was going to be the same vibe about games but hey, holy shit, games take several hours to get a good impression of if not even playing all the way through. Games journalists really have a tough job, honestly. No fake, Jake. Having a family and a job that decidedly does not involved playing games really put the kibosh on this idea. And if you’re noticing a pattern it’s true, people don’t like going along with my stupid podcast ideas.

Save Scumming

Save Scumming has no actual episodes but is here as an honorary podcast. There are some YouTube videos of the Save Scumming crowd on the SCUMMbags YouTube channel, though.

Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion

SCUMM is an acronym from the Lucasfilm Games days that stands for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. Tech people love acronyms and that, dear reader, is a fantastic acronym.