The Wolfman (2010)

We’re right in the thick of spooky Halloween day (because I was literally just too busy yesterday to finish editing this even though it had already been recorded days ago and I had planned for a Halloween release–I’m a complete fuckup) with the 2010 Joe Johnston remake “The Wolfman”. It’s definitely a movie and there is absolutely a werewolf so be ready to be jumpscared. That’s a Drake song, right? Jumpscare Jumpscare Jumpscare Therewolf acting real were (AWOO!)

I’m sure there’s some corrections and comments. Hit me up @coolmarkd on twitter and let me know what I did wrong. I’m sure it’s plenty. Slash, dismember and impale and don’t forget to hit that gore icon for alerts.

Trying to do a YouTube thing but scary? Did it work?