What could go wrong when you convince a mathematician at a prestigious university that you’re a genius, with the help of geniuses, just to go on a date with her? Not much, right? Right. This is I.Q. and, when I write it out this way, it seems wild.

It is wild. Leave your practical brain at home and enjoy the performances, Matthau especially, and conceits of this movie as they come. Do your thing. Odds are you haven’t seen and cannot easily see this movie anyway, so stay a while–and listen.


I want to point out that Princeton at this point in time was an absolute pop off of technology and research. I don’t remember placing the exact year that this movie was set in (nor do I think that it particularly matters–it’s roughly mid 50’s) but at Princeton you could have run into John von Neumann who is, arguably, more important than Albert Einstein in a lot of ways. Check him out if you get a chance. This man’s biography is where I learned that I do not like reading the biographies of people wildly more interesting than I am.