Do you like mysteries? If so you’ll like Brick. I like Brick. I love Brick. Brick is my #3 favorite movie ever and we’re counting down from 3 -> 1 to close out Season 1 of Mark’s Movie Collection. You really should watch the movie before listening.

Brick is on Netflix right now and might be on other services. If you buy Brick on DVD you get some really really good commentary tracks with the lovely and wonderful Rian Johnson. He’s not messing around–this is deep cut commentary and he’s in this movie game to win this movie game. Johnson goes hard in the paint. There isn’t a whole lot of extra stuff because this was actually a very small independent production. But it’s so good.

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Gone In 60 Seconds (1974)

If you ever wanted to watch a movie about stealing cars and running from the cops you probably came across GISS ’74. You probably didn’t learn a whole lot about stealing cars or running from the police but you may have realized that you came across the inspiration for Need For Speed:Most Wanted and countless of other movies.

Meet Eleanor and check out this crazy indie film for free on Amazon Prime and go ahead and listen to the episode. This isn’t an affiliate link–I’m just trying to make it convenient for you to follow along. That’s why I release on Sundays, you know. Give you a chance to watch the movie.