High Fidelity

Top 5 hackiest tropes in media analysis and presentation:
* Cribbing aspects of the media itself
* Talking about how you can do a thing but haven’t and then, in the edit, do the thing.
* Not actually organizing thoughts into coherent and structured form
* Being late and making it rushed
* Starting a Top 5 list and then running out of things so you have filler

Yeah, I’m Mark and this is 2000’s High Fidelity. Let’s get this Hamletesque Annie Hall-like romcom on the road. To be fair the Annie Hall comparison brings a lot of baggage with it that is undeserved. But it’s more the deconstruction from a male-centric point of view that I mean. And also the main character slowly losing their mind. The Hamlet link is a reach–I just like alluding to it. Makes me feel like I learned something in school.

I feel like I really had Things To Say here but this month has been absolutely destructive to me. No thoughts head empty. So I’ll leave you with it. Oh, right! I didn’t mention how “High Fidelity” is the opposite of the infidelity that occurs and how that concept is defined. I won’t though. I’m exhausted.

Smooth Lovin’ Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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