L.A. Confidential

Get on the QT and strictly Hush Hush with Mark while hitting up this stellar period crime drama Produced, Directed, and screenplay co-written by Curtis Hanson called L.A. Confidential.

This movie is deep Jacques Custaeu-style and it’s got layers like a Scottish ogre in a swamp. I forgot to mention some stuff in the show like:
* Kim Basinger winning an Oscar for this movie
* Kim Basinger winning a Golden Globe for this movie
* Kim Basinger winning a SAG award for this movie
* The screenplay winning an Oscar

And there is definitely more stuff.

The Blu-ray on Amazon can be had for $5 USD which is wild. Go ahead and grab it at https://www.amazon.com/L-Confidential-Blu-ray-James-Cromwell/dp/B010GJM750/ref=sr_1_2 (not an affiliate link).

I did get that rain sound for $5–I didn’t make it. But I did write that piano part that doesn’t quite fit with this movie because it is 1. not a film noire and 2. features the trumpet heavily as opposed to a piano or electric piano. Feels pretty bad, tbh.

MARMOVCOL006 – Darkman

Turn of the lights–stay in the dark while watching Darkman! Darkman Darkman Darkman Darkman (whooo!) Darkman Darkman Darkman Darkman (whooo!) Let’s jump in to Sam Raimi’s 1990 super superhero creation Darkman–a pretty wild movie starring Francis McDormand and, ostensibly, Liam Neeson. Let’s lurk from shadow to shadow together on this journey into insanity.

You should definitely watch Darkman before listening to this podcast and you can check it out on Cinemax or on Amazon with this non-affiliate link. You can start a 7-day trial of Cinemax if you have Amazon Prime. I legitimately don’t know the details but that’s what it said for me.

Holla at me, young’n, @coolmarkd on Twitter. LMK wat u thot of dis flicc HMU fam. Lit AF. Servo AF.

MARMOVCOL002–The Frighteners

Prepare to be… FRIGHTENED! by The Frighteners. This week Mark watches Peter Jackson’s first “big budget” movie The Frighteners starring Michael J. Fox and Trini Alvarado. This isn’t a first viewing but Mark is looking at this with fresher eyes and even weighs in on the Lord of the Rings movies as well as other stuff.

Will he change his mind on Peter Jackson? Does he even like this movie? Tune in to find out.

Not sure if The Frighteners is streaming but you can check it out on Amazon


This is Mark D (@coolmarkd) and Mark’s Music Collection, the podcast. Mark is an IT guy, dad, and generally poor nerd with limited music experience and he’s going to talk about his music collection. This episode is all about Green Day’s 1994 super hit album “Dookie”. This is a very important album to Mark for reasons he will get into but it’s album that he’s been listening to pretty much since it came out until present day.

Recorded and produced by Mark Diaz using Reaper