My Science Project

Let’s take it back to the good ol’ days and grab some UFO parts to turn in as our science project. Yep. That’s the movie.

I’m pretty sure I had things to say about this here but I can’t think of what they are presently–I reserve the right to update this in the future.

I’ll be on On The Subject pretty soon. On The Subject is a really cool movie and TV podcast with them Subject boys: Malcolm, Zach, and Logan and you can find them on but I didn’t want to end that sentence with a period so I’m going to keep typing because it does frustrate me when sentences end with a URL and then a period–it’s ambiguous. The current theme is movies that came from TV shows. I am excite. I’m not sure when that episode will be released but I do know what we will be On The Subject of–I’ll leave it as a bit of a mystery.

Additionally, I’ll be on the Not Just Heather’s Podcast. You can’t really hear the possessive when I say it. It’s still in an early state but you can find more info at and I’m also not going to end this with a period for clarity’s sake. It sounds like if there’s a Just Heathers and Not Just Heathers podcast I’d, obviously, be on the Not Just Heathers podcast however the Just Heathers podcast would be really great. Heather Welch is the host and there could be a lot of guests:

  • Heather… Locklear? the model and actress
  • Heather Anne Campbell, the hilarious improvisor, podcaster, and games journalist
  • Winona Ryder, star of “Heathers”
  • Calluna vulgaris, the actual heather flower. Although sometimes flowers have very foul mouths and based on the name this one might not be an exception
  • Heather Wallace, Canadian squash player
  • Heather Mason, the character from Silent Hill 3
  • Heather Wilde, one of the founders of Evernote
  • Sean Heather, the cricketer
Really, the possibilities are endless. The only rule is Heather. I’m a fan of heather gray, the color, so I could potentially sneak in with that one, too. But I feel like this bit has run its course–it’s obviously not just Heathers but it is Just Heather’s (and Not Just Heather’s) so check that out.