What a ride. Mandy is wild movie. Release in 2018 and written and directed by Panos Cosmatos of Beyond the Black Rainbow fame or notoriety. This is another one that just shocked me so I hurried up and just made an episode. Stick around

I remember now what I wanted to put in here. Nic Cage’s character, Red Miller, wears a raglan with 44 on his chest. I felt like that was a reference to “44-inch Chest” a movie starring Ray Winstone which also has Ian McShane which is… a lot closer to a stage play than a movie, but was really interesting in that it takes that cerebral look at masculinity upon the circumstance that a former gangster finds that his wife is having an affair. That’s a huge mood. And that movie was really interesting. I watched it thinking that it was going to be a legit gangster movie and it was just a really interesting and pleasant surprise.

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