House and House 2

Hey, sometimes we say the wrong words. This time I said a few wrong words. No, I did not go back in and pick those up. Let me know if I need corrections.

House and House 2 are, apparently, comedy horror “cult” movies from the mid-80’s that live rent-free in my mind (I hadn’t heard about “rent-free” until maybe two years ago so I’m trying to use it more to seem relatable. My life isn’t unique but it is different. Or maybe it isn’t different but it is unique. Depends on how you look at the broad strokes of American life and what that entails–indeed what even “American” entails–and where it entails). This feels like a continuation of the Saturday Matinees series that kicked off with My Science Project.

What is comedy horror? What does any of this even mean? Where do you want to go today? Perhaps not that many answers in this episode but it’s been a fun time. I’m sure I had plans for these show notes but here we are.

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