Forgive the Noise Gate

I’m sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve recorded. I neglected to turn off the hardware noise gate that I use. It’s fairly abrupt at some times and it’s due to me starting my words with an exhale which is, in all probability, poor elocution. I’ll never be a member of Skull & Bones at this rate. Eulogia would be upset with me. But also I don’t find Eulogia as a goddess on record(TM) so maybe that’s all just bullshit and we’re all just human born to make mistaaaaakes.

But this is a short update. Quality is rough. Editing is minimal (you’ll see). Equipment is new. And it’s more about me than it is about you but maybe that helps out. It certainly helped me out some.

As always find me on twitter @coolmarkd I love to talk about movies but I also don’t get out to see many new movies. I also don’t get a chance to see many old movies. But I’m working on that.