Blazing Saddles

Reach for the skyyyyyyyy” that’s not from this movie. This 1974 Mel Brooks movie is Blazing Saddles and there’s a bunch of other things from this movie but that’s not one of them.

There’s a lot going on in the production and the legacy of this movie. A lot. A plethora of posts. A cornucopia of controversy. You can definitely get on the internet and read all about it. If you have 18 minutes and 26 seconds you can check out some thoughts on it here.

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MF DOOM – One Beer interestingly enough the “official video” leaves out the part in question. I’m sure there’s a link for more things but we’re on a truncated timetable here. Timeboxing like I’m chrono Mike Tyson hit the arcade for Punch Out but get in a street fight to air juggle Mike Bison.