Beyond the Black Rainbow

This was a rough one. It was unplanned. It was almost spontaneous. Because this movie just got me. It hit me. The poster above is actually a Mondo Tees poster by a very talented artist named Jay Shaw that probably will never exist again but it’s amazing. There’s a lot to go on about with regards to this movie but I’ll break down some stuff real quick here.

  1. I don’t like the official artwork for the Blu-ray.
  2. Watch this movie. It’s on Vudu and Tubi for free (ish? I think they may have commercials). It might actually be on Amazon Prime Video right now? You can definitely rent or buy on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft, and Roku.
  3. Try not to be sleepy. It’s a whole mood. There isn’t a lot of talking. Put your phone down. I know it’s challenging–it is for me too. I don’t always succeed but I try. You should too.
  4. After watching it you should definitely study the Wikipedia page for it. Panos Cosmatos has given more than a couple of really great interviews and they’re collected here in the references.
  5. None of the music used in this is from the movie. I actually bought a year’s worth of a sound library in a very impulsive moment and I need to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. You can give it a listen on YouTube and it’s also on Spotify.

I just know remembered the link to Carpenter Brut’s Turbo Killer directed by Seth Ickerman – for the folks whose app doesn’t handle links (they exist). And if your app doesn’t handle links or images… well. Maybe it’s time for a change.

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If I made errors or omissions–sorry. It wasn’t on purpose and I’ll try to correct it.

Be nice. Wear a mask. Black lives matter.