Mark isn’t going to do episode numbers anymore. They’re passé. In this episode he’ll get into 300 dudes (amirite??) but also get into technical difficulties and podcasting realities and you’ll learn a lot about Mark—maybe more than you’ve ever wanted to know about how things work for Mark in this process of Mark’s Movie collection.

Editing a collection is probably the most important thing that an artist can do. The audience, or the viewer, only sees the successes of the artists and judges them as such. The audience does not follow the artist day-in and day-out doggedly pursuing failure after failure. The viewer doesn’t see the artist attempting to drown themselves in a bottle. Not trying to be a downer, here. Not talking about genocide or anything but this is not that. This, however, is not edited. This is pretty much how it happened.

There is no link. There is no movie. This is, perhaps, the complete failure of a podcast. But it won’t be the last episode. Mark will return….