L.A. Confidential

Get on the QT and strictly Hush Hush with Mark while hitting up this stellar period crime drama Produced, Directed, and screenplay co-written by Curtis Hanson called L.A. Confidential.

This movie is deep Jacques Custaeu-style and it’s got layers like a Scottish ogre in a swamp. I forgot to mention some stuff in the show like:
* Kim Basinger winning an Oscar for this movie
* Kim Basinger winning a Golden Globe for this movie
* Kim Basinger winning a SAG award for this movie
* The screenplay winning an Oscar

And there is definitely more stuff.

The Blu-ray on Amazon can be had for $5 USD which is wild. Go ahead and grab it at https://www.amazon.com/L-Confidential-Blu-ray-James-Cromwell/dp/B010GJM750/ref=sr_1_2 (not an affiliate link).

I did get that rain sound for $5–I didn’t make it. But I did write that piano part that doesn’t quite fit with this movie because it is 1. not a film noire and 2. features the trumpet heavily as opposed to a piano or electric piano. Feels pretty bad, tbh.